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13/09/18 The newly published game update fixes the "error loading module lfs" problem that plenty of you struggled with. Enjoy!

10/09/18 MaximTGMX's next level is now available. Starting off his new Claw's Adventure for the Amulet series, or CAFTA for short, Meeting with Red Tail is a v1.4 map based on the Tiger Island tileset, with a lot of focus on narrative involving Red Tail's betrayal. Enjoy, and make sure you have the CrazyHook update installed as it is required to play the level.

21/08/18 Szyszul -- who manages our forum and Discord server, among others -- marked the 16th anniversary of Teo phil's first custom level, Treasure Island, by picking it for the initial episode of her new series on YouTube, in which she will attempt to go through all user-made maps chronologically. There are no English subtitles yet, but I am told they are coming soon. Speaking of custom levels, the eponymous section received a long overdue update, with Nightmare, The Nest of Pirates and 12+14 finally available for download. And, last but not least, you should take a look at Pejti's new trailer to see what he has been up to following that remarkable debut level ;)

16/07/18 As of this day 14 years ago, the Claw Recluse was officially up and running, its first news item appearing on the Polish version managed by Zuczek. Now, a few hundred custom levels later, we are still here, in no small part thanks to each and every one of you who have visited our site and been a part of the Claw community. Once again, thank you.

26/05/18 Not content with further improving his record in the recent weeks, Pappy has also been working on a series of Claw speed run tutorials, the first of which, covering basic movement, is now available on his YouTube channel.

For those into music rather than than video game speedruns, Pejti's piano tutorial might be of more interest. It covers the soundtracks for all 14 levels of Claw, as well as the boss fight and special powerup themes.

3/05/18 Pappy has set quite an incredible Claw speed run record, going below the 48 minute mark for the first time. On that note, we have added several related links to the relevant section, including Pappy's YouTube and Twitch channels, the Speedrun.com Claw community and its Discord server.

Meanwhile, despite the lack news on the custom levels front in the past few months, two have in fact been released, so be sure to check them out. Forest of Hidden Treasures, created by RatusGlobal, is especially well-designed. Additionally, Pejti has updated his Claw v1.4 map Nowy Dzien, adding a unique background mechanic and fixing a bug where the player could get permanently stuck after dying towards the end of the level.

15/04/18 Another CrazyHook update was released, including fixed configuration of dgVoodoo, bringing level 11 trick back to game, adding possibility to make screenshots from lua logics, and some smaller fixes.

10/02/18 New Claw version - CrazyHook should solve the often reported problem considering antiviruses. Previous version, to not scare off any users, was deleted from download section. Furthermore, there are some plans for further development of CrazyHook project. You can send us your ideas on our discord channel.

9/02/18: Congratulations to SugheroGame and DiVyAmXxX, whose respective maps, Gattabuia and Pastureland, shared the top honors in our 2017 level of the year poll, each receiving 27% of the votes.

8/02/18: Although, strictly speaking, the new possibilities brought by the v1.4 update have already been utilized in a few maps, Pejti's Nowy Dzien is the first to take a holistic approach in doing so. The level, whose name stands for 'a new day' in Polish, seamlessly combines the two undersea tilesets of the base game, featuring custom music and even, wait for it, a brand new loading screen on top of that. All in all, it's one of those maps no Claw fan can reasonably ignore. Don't forget to update your game to version 1.4 first!

31/01/18: 2018 has seen its first custom level, namely Run of the Tiger. Designed by Fjordsson, it is primarily a racing map, based on the level 14 tileset and somewhat inspired by existing ones such as Cross Country and Siege Cat.

Meanwhile, the vote for the best level of 2017 is still open on the Claw Forum, alongside its belated counterparts for the past few years. You can still participate this week, and for the better part of the next, until February 8th.

7/11/17: The newly added custom level, notably based on the seldom used 9th tileset, Blackbeard's Cove is now featured on SugheroGame's YouTube channel, with a quite impressive, perfect score playthrough.

10/10/17: Due to frequent questions, we have added a new version of the game to the Downloads section. It is a self-extracting archive with increased level of compression (we managed to reduce the size to just 37MB!). It contains the game in its latest version, 1.4.3, as well as tools that help run Claw on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10: DirectX Windower and Fullscreen [F11]. For installation instructions, please refer to the claw-instructions.jpg file, which is included in the archive.

Last but not least, following multiple requests from our Polish fans, it is possible to perform the dynamite trick in v1.4.3 again.

30/09/17: On the day of Claw's 20th anniversary, we would like to thank everyone who has been a part of its community over these two decades. Avid players and level designers alike. Veterans of several forums, gone but never forgotten. Those who stayed around for years and those who just came by to ask how to defeat Aquatis. You are too numerous to mention by name, but you know who you are.

Feel like waxing nostalgic? Claw Forum is always open, so stop by!

17/07/17: FrozenMoose has remade the first level of Super Mario in Claw. While there is a short intro that depletes health and supplies to match Mario's starting conditions, the map, naturally named Super Claw, is a pretty accurate tile-by-tile replica other than that.

8/07/17: The second map in quick succession, and third overall, from DiVyAmXxX is now available. A throwback to the old days in a way, Golden Gate is pretty much the epitome of a classic custom level: modestly sized, yet thoughtfully designed. As always, head to the Custom Levels section to download it.

23/06/17: Another new level, and one that supports Claw v1.4, aka CrazyHook, too. It's called Pastureland, created by DiVyAmXxX and based on the Township tileset. As is the case with all CrazyHook-compliant maps, remember to get the update before playing.

26/05/17: Designed by FrozenMoose, Azure Prison (11+1) is the third custom level of 2017. Although the name follows the pattern set by Nameless' levels, it goes well beyond merely recreating La Roca using the Caverns tileset. Play it now to find out what exactly is new and different!

14/04/17: The past months may have been rather quiet as far as custom levels go, but SugheroGame is now back with his second map, Gattabuia. It's also only the second one this year. Hopefully there will be more to show for Claw's 20th birthday come September.

2/02/17: The first custom level of 2017 is here, and it's Niagara Falls by SugheroGame. Courtesy of the author (who happens to run an excellent YouTube channel with several Claw videos, by the way), we also added the game's Italian edition disc and covers to the Fan Haven section.

5/01/17: A small update on the 2016 level of the year contenders: courtesy of General Red, you can now watch a playthrough of 13+3 in addition to previously listed maps.

3/01/17: Happy 2017, everyone: the year of Claw's 20th anniversary, among others. As usual, you can cast your vote for the best map of the past year on the Claw Forum, while the complete level pack has been brought up to speed to include recent releases.

If you're not quite familiar with the maps in contention and simply can't play the game for whatever reason, you can still watch playthroughs of some of the top levels of 2016 such as Creep Diving, Bloodbath and Climber, or check the map shot from Just Keep Calm.

25/11/16: Over on YouTube, General Red, Strategist has been building up his Claw playlist, including a playthrough of the base game, Monolith-supplied sample custom levels, and now actual user-made maps. What really makes it worth checking out, though, is the audio commentary, a rarity for Claw videos elsewhere. Well, unless you speak Russian.

At any rate, more custom levels should follow soon, if not on a strict schedule.

30/09/16: Another year, another anniversary. On this day in 1997, Claw was originally released in the United States. Can you believe it's been 19 years?

16/08/16: Coming mere days after its author's previous map, Just Keep Calm bears the distinction of being the first level that takes advantage of the v1.4 update's new features. Perhaps even more notably, it also follows in DzjeeAr's and Zuczek's footsteps: the map's layout is actually a giant lettering of the designer's nickname. Remember to download and install the latest version of the Claw v1.4 update first as it is a requirement to play.

Other than that, there are three more levels, with Trap Trails, created by the very prolific John Smith and based on the Dark Woods tileset, highest rated among them. We also have a rare Shipyards feature from Baronvontarkin, and a heavily redesigned Tiger Island in a map making debut by Gabriel.

24/07/16: It's the tenth anniversary of The Treason of Katherine, a custom level that no Claw Recluse regular needs an introduction to. In what has become a tradition of sorts, further levels were released on its subsequent anniversaries, with High Noon, Prison Break, Grand Maze and Wreckage among them. Today, it's been kept alive thanks to Kacper, aka Tylko spokojnie xd, with Castle in the Clouds, his first new map in nearly six years, being now available. Have fun!

8/07/16: Continuing the theme from two of his previous maps, 1+14 and 8+9, Nameless has now recreated level 4 using the level 2 tileset. It's called, wait for it, 4+2, and can be found in the Custom Levels section. I bet you didn't see that one coming either.

2/07/16: It's been well over a decade since the English version of this site was founded, and almost exactly ten years that it's had its current layout. Now, the man responsible for both, who I'm sure needs no introduction, Grey Cat has put his brand new, eight-core PC to good use, recording and commenting a speed run of a certain soon-to-be-20-years-old side-scroller game. It clocks in at a very respectable time of around 55 minutes too.

Be sure to watch and leave comments, especially if you were around in the old days :)

17/05/16: Following several rather quiet weeks, we now have three new levels. Be sure to check John Smith's unique take on The Cliffs in his two maps, as well as Deathhammer's Nightshade Forests, based on the awesome (and criminally underused, I might add) Dark Woods tileset.

13/03/16: Bloodbath, by far the biggest custom level out there, is now available in v2.1 following some bug fixes. To mark the occasion, a full playthrough was recorded by the creator himself, boss-96. The video clocks in at nearly two hours, and can be watched on YouTube, with the link also provided in our Custom Levels section, alongside the updated level itself.

12/02/16: The final release of Claw's 1.4 'CrazyHook' update, version 1.4.3, is available. We're now offering a full version of the game, including the aforementioned update, plus DirectX Windower (which is all but required on modern Windows versions), in a single RAR archive here on the Claw Recluse. Download it here. The file is just over 40 MB in size. Basically, it is the definitive edition of Claw, and one you should download going forward.

7/02/16: While we are barely into the second month of 2016, it has already brought us quite the windfall of custom levels, certainly the biggest in a long time. The new map one definitely can't afford to miss as a Claw fan is Creep Diving, brought to you by Nameless. The level features a very unique take on the Caverns tileset, including a complex custom background, an ingenious starting sequence, and plenty of water, notably used outside of the usual context, in which Nathaniel J. Claw apparently can't swim ;)

30/01/16: More new levels, including a brand new one from boss-96, as well as a revision of his already massive 2014 map Bloodbath. To put it in perspective, at 400 KB it is now larger than the first ten levels of the base game, from La Roca through Cliffs, combined. Or, if you prefer, about as big as the next two largest custom levels put together.

To address common questions about poor performance of Claw under Windows 10, Zuczek has created a short video guide to running the game in windowed mode. If you can't get it to launch at all, don't forget to download this patch and overwrite your executable.

31/10/15: Somewhat belatedly, several missing custom levels from 2015 have been added where they belong. Shouts out to the Russian Claw community over at VK.

24/07/14: The WapMap editor, Claw v1.4 'CrazyHook' beta update and DirectX Windower have all been added to the Download section. Meanwhile, Comodo Unite's VPN functionality appears to have been discontinued, which means another solution is required for playing Claw online. Wippien is the community's program of choice now, and our Multiplayer section has been updated accordingly.

4/05/14: The first new level in what seems like ages, Abandoned Mine by Syndro, has been released. At over 200 KB, it's nothing short of gigantic, it boasts a record number of objects used, and it was well worth the wait. Check it out!

29/10/13: Fixed dead links to the DVD torrent across the site. It remains very much alive after seven and a half years, having outlived the tracker it was originally uploaded to, as well as several torrent indexing sites. This game just refuses to die, doesn't it?

15/10/13: The Claw 1.4 'CrazyHook' public beta has been updated to fix a problem with launching the game that occurred on some configurations, primarily under Windows XP.

30/09/13: As Claw Forum regulars are no doubt already aware, Zax37 and Kubus_PL have been working on an unofficial 1.4 update for Claw. Starting today, a public beta version of CrazyHook -- a rather apt name, by the way -- is available for download. The extent of changes it brings is as revolutionary as it ever gets with Claw, comparable maybe only to the WapWorld editor being released for the first time -- which seems like a lifetime ago, and in fact is for many Claw fans.

I doubt any further recommendation is necessary, but here are the new features of the 1.4 update anyway: support for custom object logics written in the Lua programming language, external resources (images, sounds, logics) for custom levels, command line arguments, plus some bug fixes and even new cheat codes.

The documentation is only available in Polish so far, but do not hesitate to ask any questions you might have on the forum.

3/02/13: The Multiplayer section was updated to reflect our switch from Hamachi (which only allows five people per network in the free version now) to Comodo Unite. If you want to join in on the fun, download Comodo for free and join the 'captain claw' network (the password is 'claw').

25/12/12: Merry Christmas! A significant update for kijanek6's WapMap has been released, bringing the alternative Claw level editor to version 0.2 RC2. Download it here. The final 0.2 release, which will add features still missing in the release candidate, should also be available soon. Regardless, at this point WapMap is already a fully functional WapWorld replacement, and more. Give it a try, especially if you happen to be a veteran of the latter.

30/09/12: Claw turns 15 today. As good occasion as any to launch the game once again and play through a few levels for old times' sake.

21/08/12: Today marks the 10th anniversary of Teo phil's first custom level, the one and only Treasure Island. Feel free to leave nostalgic comments on the gameplay video ;)

15/03/12: Randy's long-awaited custom level, Stargate to Paradise, is finally done. His first new map since UnderSeaWorld was released back in 2000, it's just one of those levels that no Claw fan can afford to miss. Be sure to check author's notes included in the zip file for more on the idea and inspiration for the level, as well as some gameplay information.

There's been more new maps since the last site update, all of which are now available for download. Have fun!

23/12/11: In a Christmas windfall of custom levels, several months worth of maps have been added to the Custom Levels section. Be sure to check out Stronghold and 8+9. This also marks a significant milestone as our site now hosts over 400 levels.

Throughout the section, we have also linked to several YouTube videos, the majority of which are Grey Cat's excellent level playthroughs, including Dark Paths, The Wind Tunnels, River Race and Cross Country.

In other news, SupSuper has created a custom installer for Claw, which can automatically copy in-game music and movies to your HDD (very handy if you plan to use a crack), apply the registry fix required for Windows XP and later, but most importantly, unlike the archaic default installer, it works on modern, 64-bit operating systems. Download it here.

30/09/11: Today marks the 14th anniversary of Claw's US release date. How time flies...

20/09/11: It took a while for Steven to come up with his next interview, but it's finally here and it was worth the wait. Character artist Matt Hayhurst talks about his involvement in the project -- which was actually his first professional job -- and sheds some light on Claw 2, the elusive sequel that never was.

Matt has also agreed to share some of the production materials with us, including preliminary sketches for the sequel. On that note, head over to the rectructured Fan Haven section to take a look.

14/04/11: Steven's second interview, in which he and Donald Wallace discuss the details of the production process of the in-game cutscenes, is now available. Click here to read.

10/04/11: There's a new video of kijanek6's upcoming WapMap level editor available on YouTube. To support its development, visit the project's blog and click the ad once a day. You can also check it out yourself. Get the public beta with auto-update feature!

In the meantime, Randy has been sifting through his old backups and has found four pieces of Freya's fan art, as well as Mahesh's screenshot depicting his bounce count record, among others. If you happen to have some cool Claw stuff that otherwise was lost over the years, let us know.

8/04/11: The walkthrough for Randy's UnderSeaWorld level, written by Rich Kleinhenz, has been found. The download link has now been updated to include it. Get it here.

7/04/11: The Links section has been updated to include Facebook pages for Claw, as well as major fansites of the past, which you can attempt to view using the Internet Archive.

6/04/11: Between Grey Cat's Claw Museum and Steven's upcoming interviews, it looks like the community is having a family reunion of sorts. Randy Stroot, one of the most respected old-timers, shares his Claw story with us today. For those who don't know, Randy was there back in the early days, when Monolith employees regularly posted on the forums and many of the now-ubiquitous tricks, glitches and hidden areas were still largely undiscovered. Read the story here. (It should also be available on the Claw Museum soon.)

1/04/11: Thanks to Steven Applebaum, we actually got in touch with some of the people who worked on Claw. He is currently in the process of conducting and transcribing several interviews, the first of which is available today. In what turned out to be a 45-minute phone chat, Steven and Ryan Hoss talk to Ed Anderson about the in-game cutscenes, artwork and animation, among others. Click here to read, it's well worth it!

Stay tuned for more interviews, coming your way this month!

8/03/11: Three new custom levels, plus some more minor updates in Game Help.

6/03/11: A few updates to the site. Dead links to Rich's walkthroughs in the Game Help section are now fixed, while in Images there are links to new Claw fan art, plus even more box shots and CD covers in various languages.

By the way, if you cannot (or will not) use torrents for whatever reason, you can now get the DVD version of Claw via a direct HTTP download as well. The file is being hosted on Dropbox, which offers download speeds good enough to get it in about an hour, provided that your own connection can handle that, of course. Since it is much larger than anything you typically download this way (1,30 GB), it is recommended to use third-party software that supports resuming downloads when something goes wrong.

Also, you can visit a Claw page on Facebook here or there. However, note that neither of those two is maintained by the authors of this site.

24/02/11: Guess what... more new levels. There's even one designed specifically with a speed run competition in mind. Check them out.

16/12/10: Several new levels, plus an update to the Complete Level Pack, which now contains exactly 362 user-created maps.

16/10/10: Three new custom levels. In other news, Zuczek's YouTube channel is now nearing one million views, of which over 80% comes from Claw-related videos.

30/09/10: Exactly thirteen years ago, on September 30th, 1997, Claw was first released to the public. It has been a long time, and the anniversary certainly brings back memories of the old days. Speaking of which, if you used to post on the forums at some point, were an active member of the community, or simply got struck with nostalgic feelings, be sure to leave a comment at Grey Cat's Claw Museum.

1/09/10: Click here to watch the ultimate Claw dynamite trick compilation.

24/08/10: If you are unable to launch the Claw CD rip under Windows Vista or Windows 7 for some reason, head over to the Downloads page and grab a fixed .exe file. Thanks to Artur for this workaround, by the way.

Oh, and if somehow you have not played Wreckage yet, get it now.

24/07/10: Wreckage, the new, exciting custom level by Teo phil and Zuczek has been officially released today.
Featuring a unique blend of retail level 9, 10 and 13 in an all-new night setting, as well as innovative gameplay elements, Wreckage promises an amazing, fun-filled adventure for all Claw fans!

Download the level
Watch the trailer
Watch the gameplay video

16/07/10: The Claw Recluse turns six years old today. Happy birthday :)

In other news, a really interesting custom level is in the works and will be available for download on July 24th. Go watch the preview on YouTube.

6/04/10: Now that Gunner's Claw Forum has -- regrettably -- come to an end, check out our #captain.claw IRC channel at QuakeNet. If you feel like chatting with other Claw fans around the world, that's the place to go. See you there!

Don't have a dedicated IRC client? Connect through Web IRC using your browser instead.

4/04/10: Happy Easter.

13/02/10: We now have a brand new Technical Support section!

30/01/10: Yesterday we uploaded the Romanian version of our site. We hope it will be helpful for Romanian players, who visit our site very often. There is also an offer for Arabic translation, so perhaps The Claw Recluse will be available in 9 languages in the near future.

1/01/10: Happy New Year to all the Claw fans around the world!

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