23/11/09: As a follow-up to the Portugese version, Italian edition of the Claw Recluse is now available. There are more to come, so stay tuned.

In other news, we have had a few new custom levels recently, Exile and Murky Dunes -- by Proximity and Zuczek, respectively -- being the most noteworthy.

20/08/09: A condensed version of the site, featuring only the most important information on Claw plus some basic downloads, is now available in Portugese. Go check it out if that is your native language.

1/08/09: Nimbian has released Claw Ultimate Pack, which is based on Teo phil's custom DVD version. Besides all the extras that were already there, it includes, among others, a new launcher menu that works under 64-bit editions of Vista and Windows 7, as well as an up-to-date level pack. The .VOB movies have been ripped and encoded as much smaller .AVI files so as to fit the game on a CD. If you're interested, get it via BitTorrent here.

2/07/09: Edd Brown created yet another level, this time quite a unique one. It's based on the 10th tileset and got our recomendation, so enjoy :)

What's more, with well over 20000 hits last month, we have set a new record. Thank you very much for visiting The Claw Recluse!

9/06/09: Four new maps have been added to the huge custom levels collection. Three were created by Edd Brown and the fourth one was made by Piotrek, a Polish forum user.

6/06/09: In a small update to the Images section, we have added several images related to the development of Claw, including screenshots from the alpha and beta versions of the game.

19/05/09: The Images section has been updated - finally some screenshots from the game have been added. What's more, we've created a new hamachi network - we hope there are some players that still want to play Claw with others. The name and the password can be found in the Multiplayer section. And finally - Zuczek uploaded yesterday a video showing how to download the RIP version of Claw, install it and play (using cheats, downloading and loading custom levels etc.), click here to watch this!

15/02/09: A long overdue update, particularly to the Custom Levels section. Everything is now up to date with the Polish version of the website.

19/07/08: We've added a few custom levels built by boss-96. Unfortunately, Gunner's Claw Forum appears to be dead.

07/06/08: A new, interactive video of Claw is available here. Have fun! :)

06/05/08: Two new custom levels, both based on La Roca.

18/04/08: Another five new custom levels.

2/02/08: Once again new custom levels, and each of them is well worth a look. First's level is based on the seldom used Shipyards tileset, which makes it even more interesting.

3/01/08: Three new custom levels, each of them being a cooperative project.

24/12/07: We wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Our present for you is the best level based on The Shipyards so far. Its name is Broadsides and it wass created by Proximity. Enjoy.

22/12/07: The contest page has been updated. Thanks to boss-96 for sending his latest results. Apart from that, Edd Brown has created yet another custom level.

8/12/07: New custom levels by Edd Brown (very big, based on level 10), Brainy (based on level 1), Ogier11 (based on level 2) and an updated version of Wood Castle by DzikenS.

1/12/07: The English version of the Claw Recluse has been moved to Zuczek's server and will be managed by Zuczek and Teo phil from now on. Various parts of the site are now up to date, including the Custom Levels section and the Speed Runs contest results. Missing images and broken download links have also been fixed.

20/6/07: After a lot of thought, I've decided to put the Claw Recluse on indefinite hold. It will remain open, but will no longer be updated. Who knows, I might change my mind. But until then go to the Polish version of the site for up-to-date custom levels and other things.

A lot of things have caused me to make this decision. My personal life, my waning interest in the game, and the fact that there are very few english Claw fans left. 90% of the game's fans come from Poland these days, so it's kind of pointless to continue updating this site when there's a great Polish one maintained by zuczek and Teo phil already.

I will still post in Gunner's Claw Forum and answer email. But unless I change my mind, this site is over.

10/5/07: A quick call to all Claw fans. If you are not part of the Claw Fanclub and would like to be, send me an email with your name, and optionally your email address and country, and I'll add you to the page.

9/5/07: New levels and a FAQ section. I also put the CD rip of the game on the download page since it's not very big. We'll see how we go for bandwidth.

24/4/07: For some reason I can't upload files. I'll do a full update when I can. The site turned two years old a while ago.

15/3/07: four new custom levels.

4/3/07: a few new custom levels, and the Spanish section of the site has been updated by Raziel. Yeah, I know I'm not doing much with this site any more.

26/2/07: I've added some information on the mobile phone version of Claw on the community page.

8/2/07: new custom levels.

31/1/07: Lots of stuff is happening in the Claw community at the moment. A tileset converter has been found, a RealArcade version of the game has surfaced, and we've even discovered that someone has made a mobile phone version of Claw. I'll start putting all this stuff online as soon as I can, but it might not be for a while. I was halfway through making some major revisions to the custom level page, then I got heavily involved in designing a custom campaign for Age of Empires II (which I will enter in a contest), then I started designing a webpage for a friend. That's basically where my priorities are at the moment. If you're looking for something to entertain yourself in the mean while, go watch the Claw intro movie on Youtube.

12/1/07: Cross Country has been updated to include curse powerups.

And don't press the panic button yet, but I suspect that the No-CD crack may not work on Windows Vista. Are there any Vista users who can confirm this? Help?

6/1/07: The Multiplayer page now has images.

3/1/07: I've uploaded Joe Robb's excellent guide for getting the game to work on Windows XP. Claw will work on XP without any problems in most cases, but if it doesn't refer to the guide.

28/12/06: Some new custom levels.

24/11/06: Four new pieces of art have ben uploaded, one of them an early beta screenshot and the other three sketches that appear to be from Monolith's artists.

19/11/06: A new custom level based on level 14 has been uploaded, Palace of Zin. DzjeeAr designed most of it, and I finished it off when he lost interest. If you are perceptive, you'll notice it is based on his old Lavapit level. And if you're doubly perceptive, you'll notice it was my inspiration for Dark Paths.

13/11/06: Gunner's Claw Forum has had its first anniversary. Feel free to post a message in the celebration thread.

29/10/06: Things have been pretty quiet in the Claw community. I've brought the neglected Speed Runs and Fanclub up to date, and restructured the Links page somewhat. By the way, my logs have been telling me that 150 people have downloaded my Cross Country level so far. This is unusual, none of my previous levels have been this popular. But has anyone found all the treasure in the tree maze part of the level? :)

16/10/06: The site now has a multiplayer page. (Thanks to Teo phil for the translation).

29/9/06: Technical note: if you own the CD version of Claw and would like to be able to play the cutscenes outside the game, then you can use the freeware program FMV-Extractor to open the Claw.fec file and export the cutscenes as .smk files. These files can then be played using the Smacker Video Player.

(Thanks to saulob for the information)

29/9/06: I'm on a roll here. Less than one week after my last custom level's release I've completed another, based on level 3. It is short and easy as I designed it with speed running in mind. Download Cross Country.

23/9/06: The bandwidth problem has been resolved. Additionally, the following changes have been made to the site:

  1. All the links referring to specific files on the main page has been fixed. People have been emailing me about this for some time now. Thanks for your patience.
  2. The custom level page (or pages, as is now the case) is fully complete. I've split it up into three pages and the level packs are now online.
  3. The community page now has some stuff on it, the Claw Fanclub and some archives of the site I found.
  4. My new level, Dark Paths, has been released. :)

16/9/06: I'm having very serious problems with bandwidth, so for the time being all of the large downloads (+20MB) have been removed. I'll see what I can do once I get things sorted out. I still have my old http://ben.ourimbah.com/claw account available, so that's where they'll probably go.

Sorry guys, but this site is getting a lot of visitors and my bandwidth can't keep up when large numbers of people try to download 100MB files. So if you were wondering what happened to the full version, the MP3 pack. and the sound pack, now you know.

In other news, Raziel's spanish version of the site is online. You can find it here.

Also, I've uploaded a new level, Dog Women by khidhr (I suspect this is one of mrpoog's or Topdogg's many aliases). It isn't that good and I can't complete it, but it's worth a look anyway.

9/9/06: Teo phil has made an interesting discovery in relation to levels 7, 8, and 9.

1/9/06: two new levels have been uploaded.

31/8/06: I haven't had much time but I've made some more changes to the site. The links on the image page now work (well, the ones I have control over, anyway) and some more stuff has been put on the download page.

19/8/06: The new layout is finally online. There is one new page (Game Help) that will in future be expanded to have the old FAQ on it. The Speed Runs and Other pages are still being worked on, and none of the level packs have been added yet. Other than taht, the site is fully fuctional.

21/7/06: Three new levels. Crystal Caves by Zuczek, Hidden Prison by XeRo9009, and a short level by the webmaster's sister (yes, I did give her a bit of help). Does anyone think I should split the Custom Levels page into two sections? It's getting just a bit too long...

19/7/06: Some new Q&A's have been added to the FAQ page. I will also be making a news announcement about a level editing FAQ in the near future.

15/7/06: Ignore everything you see on the Stats page, for some reason it isn't working.

11/7/06: Two new links, and I've removed two dead ones. At a later date I might rearrange the links in order of quality/activity. At the moment they're mostly in the order I put them on the page.

7/7/06: I've just been informed that my humble site has won an award. The Netscape Open Directory has determined that my site (along with Gunner's Forum) deserves a Cool Site award. I have received a lizard as a prize, which I will hereby put on my page.

Like most web awards, it means absolutely nothing. But still, it's nice that someone not related to Claw has noticed my site. Thanks to SparkBoy for the heads-up.

5/7/06: seven new levels have been uploaded (my latest amongst them), and Martin and Artur now have level packs. Sparkboy and Alienz_9ks have created a Claw Help File which provides a lot of basic information. In other news...oh wait, there isn't any.

25/06/06: I decided the Miscellenous page wasn't really worth keeping so I removed it. You can still access it by going to http://claw.ben-ts.net/misc.html, but it will no longer be updated and is no longer present on the main page. I have added two more pages to replace it: Images and Statistics.

24/06/06: something funny; I tried viewing this site from a computer that was being filtered by ContentWatch and was blocked from viewing it. It tells me my site is "pornographic" and "excessively violent". Oh dearie me. Anyway, I've archived all my news in case you were wondering. Expect more violent pornography tomorrow. :D

21/06/06 added a "Records" section to the contest page. The author of the Easter level is Kennie, not Johnny. Sorry about that.

26/04/06 zuczek has provided some polish box covers: Front -- Back -- CD, and VN's brother has made a short custom level which I've uploaded: check it out.

17/04/06 happy easter.

13/04/06 come on guys, where are all the custom levels? A few months ago they almost seemed to be designing themselves, but the last one I remember playing was Death Path. Does anyone at all except me still design? :p I changed some stuff on the Contest page, fixing some stupid formatting and adding hints for players new to this sort of thing. Keep contributing.

11/04/06 I've merged with zuczek's site. He is now using my layout and we've borrowed a bit of content from each other as well. Each part of the site (English/Polish) will still be updated separately, and is hosted separately as well. No Claw news whatsoever.

28/03/06 quite a few noteworthy things, actually.

First, some bad news. Home of the Underdogs is down, and has been for a few weeks now. HOTU was the first site to upload a cracked version of Claw, thus giving hundreds of people (including myself) the opportunity to play the game. The Claw community (and indeed classic gaming everywhere) owes a huge debt to them. HOTU founder Sarinee has been quoted as saying that there have been some credit card difficulties, and the domain has been suspended. Hopefully they'll be back.

I've finished an updated version of Blackout. It fixes a number of bugs, is a lot less frustrating, and contains a few new areas. It doesn't change anything big, so if you've already played the level there's no need to rush to download it. And I've got some more levels on the way. :)

Because we all care, Monolith Productions has a new site layout, as well as new descriptions for all of their games. It's rather funny what they've written about Claw. An excerpt: "Uncover hidden treasure, navigate tricky terrain, and engage in armed combat" and "use blazing pistols, mystical magic, and other projectiles." WTF? :S

And there are now three new links and one new forum on the Links page. The Belated Claw Fansite is now one year old. ^_^

7/03/06 woohoo from Russia owns two boxed versions of Claw, one licensed and one pirated, and has scanned them for our viewing convenience.

Licensed Front -- Licensed Back -- Pirated Front -- Pirated Back -- Pirated CD -- Screenshot of Russian Claw Directory

He is also willing to trade both of these one US version of Claw, complete with its original box. If you're willing to trade, you can reach him through the thread on Topdogg's forum (link section). Also, if anyone has box scans of the US or Polish versions of the game, please email them to me. The boxed version of Claw is as rare as dinosaur eggs. =S

1/03/06 Teo phil has released a DVD version of Claw and the torrent can be downloaded here.

In addition to the actual game, the DVD version contains the following:

  • high-quality .vob cutscenes
  • all the custom levels made so far (181)
  • level editor
  • the 1.3 update
  • Rich's walkthroughs
  • Claw Design Document
  • a complete sound pack including in-game music
  • Claw Art and trailers
  • Map shots and wallpapers
  • a registry fix for Windows XP (in case the game didn't work)
  • links to claw fansites
  • the Polish version of the game

Also, the contest page is fully complete. Get playing.

17/02/06 my apologies about the long overdue update. There are three very big pieces of news:

  • My level is done!!! I absolutely do not believe how much time it took. I started work on it in June 2005, and now it's finally here. It's 127kb big, with just under 9,500 objects. It's 822 tiles long and 214 tiles high, with surprisingly little empty space. The Claw editor was never made to deal with levels this big, and I had to deal with crashes and serious slowdown as I reached the finishing stage. Have a look at the treasure for it. Many thanks to Treasurer for designing the boss area for me. Download it.
  • The layout has been changed, hopefully for the better. Also, the FAQ page has been completely redone.
  • The Speed Run contest at Gunner's forum now has its own section on the site. You can find scores, rules and information there. The way it works is a bit different now, you can play on any level you want, email me your time, and I'll post it on the site. Or just post a reply on the forum.

8/1/06 13 new levels, and two new sites.

3/1/06 it's now the Year of the Dog (in 2009 it will be the Year of the Rat, and in 2011 it will be the Year of the Tiger). All the old news has been archived, and as a result the main page is...somewhat empty.

Topdogg's site and forum have been added to the links page

29/12/05 new challenge: level 3.

28/12/05: The speed runs for level 1 have run their course; with six people entering, one of which was disqualified. We ended up with times I didn't think were possible. They are:

  1. Teo phil -- 1:19 (Screenshot)
  2. Treasurer -- 1:22
  3. Grey Cat -- 1:28 (Screenshot)
  4. Zuczek -- 1:40 (Screenshot)
  5. V.N. -- 1:47

So there you have it, La Roca can be completed in less than one minute twenty seconds. Congratz to Teo phil for making us all look like crappy players.

27/12/05: Merry Christmas to all Claw players. The Fun Stuff page has been updated.

21/12/05: Huggerland by aavishkar patel and Lost in the Forest (Part I) by Jeremy have been posted on the custom levels page. The links section has also undergone an overhaul, with a new section devoted to forums.

17/12/05: I'm running a contest at Gunner's forum: how fast can you complete level 1? So far the record is Teo phil's 1:29. For more information, check the thread. I hope to see more people participate. :)

12/12/05: I added three new levels and fixed the broken link to the Claw crack.

10/12/05: Okaaay, so the site has changed address. I've added a redirect script to the old one so it automatically takes you here instead, but that's just temporary. In a few days everything on ben.ourimbah.com/claw/ will be gone forever.

In other news, I've put together an sound pack that can be downloaded here. It's like the one available from the official site but much more complete. It has every single sound in the game, and I mean it. From the music, to the dialogue, heck; to the sound Claw's footsteps make. It's all inside the pack. It's a ~30 megabyte download, you have been warned.

5/12/05: Seven new levels.

25/11/05: The site now has a FAQ section, and I've linked to Gunner's forum. I suggest everyone who is sick of all the spam and crap on the official forum go there. Gunner's forum is fully moderated, but we badly need more activity. And I haven't given up level editing either. Muahaha!

14/11/05: Jeremy's site is now on the links page.

12/11/05: Treasurer's taken the time to make modifications to my River Race level, and has added a boss at the end. I suggest you download it even if you have already, it improves the level enormously. Topdogg's No-CD crack is now online as well, it enables you to play version 1.2 or version 1.3 of the game without that "Please Insert CD" message.

11/11/05: one new link, and the new version of Treasurer's level.

10/11/05: "if you stick your finger into a glass of sulfuric acid, you will discover that the glass has no bottom" -- mouth

7/11/05: it seems the Claw forum is down (as are all of Monolith's sites), so until then post at Gunner's Forum.

[edit] Nevermind, it's back up again.

5/11/05: I've started uploading level packs on my site, so that people can download lots of levels by the same author at once. So far Edd Brown, Freya, me, Randy, DzjeeAr, Claw Junior, zuczek, Finn, Meezo and Teo phil have their own level packs. I've also uploaded Teo phil's complete level pack. You know, the one with 151 levels on it. Oh yeah, and if you could play River Race it would be appreciated.

27/10/05: one new level: Secret Base by Meezo. It's was made January 1998, so it's a real oldie. If you've got some time, you might also want to read the unofficial Claw story, which I've uploaded on the Fun Stuff page.

I'm going away for a week. Try not to murder each other while I'm gone.

23/10/05: another big update. I moved Links and Downloads on to their own pages, added a new page and four new downloads, and replaced my counter because it sucked arse. I haven't had time to play Claw at all lately, and I've got a half-finished level rotting on a floppy disk somewhere. I'll have to get back into it soon.

18/10/05: three new levels. Docks at Night, Le Raux's Fort, and Escape.

17/10/05: two months since my last update, but since my computer has been fixed they should now be much more frequent. I've added zuczek's STAT4U utility to the site, plus Gunner's site, and I'll work on adding new levels tomorrow.

14/8/05: added a custom levels page, made some small changes to the layout of the page, and added one new link.


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