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Developer Interviews

In 2011, Steven Applebaum offered to help us reach out to Claw developers and has since been conducting interviews with people who had worked on the game at Monolith. So far, he's managed to contact and talk to three people:

Ed Anderson (cutscene animator)
Donald Wallace (cutscene director)
Matt Hayhurst (character artist)

Not only has Steven done a great job on both the interviews and the transcripts, but Matt Hayhurst has also sent him some of the production materials. These include Matt's character artwork (with some preliminary designs for the sequel), as well as Ken Mundie's black-and-white cutscene storyboards:

Character Artwork -- Cutscene Storyboards

Stay tuned for additional interviews in the future!

Pre-release screenshots

Back in 2006, Grey Cat came across some Claw production artwork, specifically one Red Tail sketch, one dog soldier sketch and a picture of the La Roca prison.

Soldier (from levels 1 and 2) -- Red Tail -- La Roca

He also happened to find several screenshots from pre-release builds of the game. This is how the fourth level (Dark Woods) originally looked like:

Screenshot 1 -- Screenshot 2 -- Screenshot 3

Claw fans will spot the differences right away. The background is much brighter, among the treasure there is a pearl necklace, which was omitted in the final game, and even the health/ammo bars are completely different in one of the images, which presumably comes from a rather early phase of development.

Here's another set of screenshots. For a moment, it might even be unclear what level it is in the first place.

Screenshot 1 -- Screenshot 2 -- Screenshot 3 -- Screenshot 4

Here are yet another three images from the alpha version of Claw. These are from builds 15 and 26 however, as opposed to the earlier build 10 depicted in the previous sets. Unsurprisingly, the levels now bear much more resemblance to the final version of Claw (which, for the record, is build 60). However, the swinging rope in level 3 still used a temporary image.

Screenshot 1 -- Screenshot 2 -- Screenshot 3

Finally, one more screenshot from The Shipyards, unfortunately not available in a higher resolution. What the hell is that sailor doing?

Fan Art

Claw is a game that lends itself well to the art medium. Here's some fan art that's been done over the years (you may need to click more than one link to view some of the images, since I don't directly hotlink to any images except the ones that are actually the site).

Fan art by Freya and Keith the Cat:

Keith the Cat's Art -- Freya' Art 1 -- Freya' Art 2
Freya' Art 3 -- Freya' Art 4 -- Freya' Art 5 -- Freya' Art 6

Fan art by snow-jemima:

Captain Claw -- We Meet Again -- Loved By Many, Feared By All
The Letter -- Outbreak -- The Medallion Calls -- Caverns

It's also worth taking a look at snow-jemima's sketches. To the left, you can see one of them, and the whole package can be downloaded here.

And last but not least, here's another gem from her: a comic, depicting what might have happened if Claw met Jack Sparrow. Who's a better Pirate?

The above snow-jemima's works were created some time in 2006 (while Freya's and Keith's date back to the early days of the community). Since then, there has been much more fan art from various Claw fans all around the world:

Captain Claw (by HLorenzi)

Captain Claw (by Habra)

Adora (by Jessi-si)

Captain Claw (by Szysza)

Captain Claw (by slycrazy)

Captain Claw -- At Least... (by Herebellama)

Never Corner the Captain (by Tranquil-Inspiration)

Amulet -- Captain Claw: szkice -- Co sie dzieje?... (by Ritta)

Captain Claw -- Blue Mercat and Blue Siren (by Haruka-Tavares)

Captain Claw -- Claw Imprisoned -- Shipyards -- Ship (by Captainclaw)

Captain Claw -- Captain Claw 2 -- Katherine -- Katherine 2 (by Huntercarl)

Captain Claw -- Captain Claw 2 -- Kapitan Pazur -- Kapitan Pazur 2 (by Vader669)

The brilliant Claw fan art to the upper left was created by Henrique Lorenzi. You can open it on his DeviantArt gallery by clicking the link at the very top of the list above.

It may be well past the 20th anniversary of Claw's release, but the game still lives and so does amazing new fan art.

TaurusII's work is mostly focused on the game's bosses, especially Red Tail, and easily deserves a special mention. You can browse high resolution images by clicking the links below:

Gabriel -- Katherine -- Red Tail Pirate
Red Tail -- Red Tail 2
Gabriel (Art Noveau) -- Red Tail (Art Noveau)

Now, these art noveau renditions of Gabriel and Red Tail in particular surely are among the greatest pieces of Claw fan art ever.

Rapacious Edition

In short, Claw lives!

Claw's IP is owned by Monolith Productions, so there will never be a Claw 2 unless they make it themselves (or sell the rights to someone). However, in August 2006 the Polish publisher of Claw, Techland, has released a new, special edition of the game. Besides Claw itself, the package contains 20 user-created levels, plus some extras (including mouse mats, beach balls, caps, wallpaper images, calendars and timetables). There's also new box art:

Front Cover -- Back Cover -- Disc -- Manual Scan (that's my name there!)

The Rapacious Edition was being sold in Poland, and retailed for the equivalent of 16.50 US dollars. As of 2011, you can still come across leftover copies, usually at a much lower price.

Box Covers

A collection of box covers from the game's retail distribution. If anyone has scans of other distributions (or higher-quality ones of the scans already here), email me them.

American DVD Edition (provided by Randy):

   Cover (front)
   Cover (back)
   Registration card (front)
   Registration card (back)

English Edition:

Box (front) -- Box (back)

Polish Edition (original release):

Box (front) -- Box (back) -- CD

Polish 2006 Rapacious Edition
(provided by Zuczek):

Box (front) -- Box (back) -- CD -- Beach ball -- Cap -- Manual scan

Russian Edition (provided by woohoo):

Pirated Cover (front) -- Pirated Cover (back) -- Pirated CD
Licensed Cover (front) -- Licensed Cover (back)

Italian Edition (provided by SugheroGame):

Cover (front) -- Cover (back) -- CD

Australian Edition (provided by Brad):

Box (front) -- Box (back)

Korean Edition:

Box (back) -- Cover (front)

Hungarian Edition (provided by EMIYA):

Cover (front + back) -- CD

And finally, here is a CD scan from what appears to be a Hebrew edition of Claw.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Tileset

Steven Wakeman, though he had made a couple of Claw custom levels in his own right, is actually much better known as a great Jazz Jackrabbit 2 level designer. Among others, he created a level (and tileset) called Contention back in 2003. From a Claw fan's perspective, it's by far his most interesting one. In short, that's a Jazz Jackrabbit 2 version of La Roca!

To play the level, unzip the archive into your Jazz Jackrabbit 2 installation folder. Then launch the game, select New Game, Single Player, Home Cooked Levels and choose Contention from the list. Have fun!

Mobile Claw

Developer MaxArtists has remade Claw for the Sony Ericsson line of mobile phones, specifically the D750i, F500, F500i, K500, K500c, K500i, K506c, K508c, K508i, K508i, K700, K700c, K700i, K750, K750c, K750i, Z500a, Z520i models. There are some screenshots below:

Screenshot 1 -- Screenshot 2 -- Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4 -- Screenshot 5 -- Screenshot 6

According to several fans who have played the game, there are only five levels (Township being the last), and there is a boss at the end that resembles Wolvington somewhat. Claw's movement is reportedly quite slow compared to the PC game, and he can jump higher. All in all, it doesn't look that great, but it's still Claw, right?

If anyone is able to play it, please email me your findings so I can add them to this page.


Did you know that...

  • ...Claw is attacked by seagulls regardless of invisibility powerups?
  • level 7, crabs can be picked up and thrown?
  • ...Red Tail Pirates can be engaged even as they are falling down, dead?
  • ...seagulls can be taken out by throwing other enemies at them?
  •'s possible to do a speed run of Claw in less than an hour?
  • ...the WapWorld editor is not used exclusively for Claw levels?
  • ...the DVD version of Claw was bundled with the Creative PC DVD Encore Dxr2 set?
  • ...the lead programmer of Claw and WapWorld is Brian L. Goble, aka Scorpio?
  • ...Claw's engine is called WAP32 (Windows Animation Package) and is also used by Get Medieval and Gruntz?
  • ...Monolith was acquired by Time Warner in 2004?
  • ...El Puerto del Lobo means "Port of the Wolf"?


A small collection of random odds and ends that didn't seem to fit anywhere else.

   Mahesh's enemy bounces record

   Randy's Claw story
   Stargate to Paradise wallpaper by Randy

   Mr Cat's Claw Forum Comic #1
   Mr Cat's Claw Forum Comic #2
   Mr Cat's Claw Forum Comic #3

The Claw Fanclub

If you want your name added to the list, either email me or reply to this thread in Gunner's Forum. You can omit your email address and/or location if you would prefer that information to remain private.

Name Email Location
Grey Cat Gosford, Australia
Zuczek Bialystok, Poland
Teo phil Siedlce, Poland
DzjeeAr Netherlands
Gunner India
Mr. Cat Denmark
V.N. Denmark
Rita Russia
Franco Italy
Treasurer Private Russia
Ciccio Italy
XeRo9009 USA
Rebecca Brazil
boss-96 Moscow, Russia
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Cristi Romania

There is also a Polish Fanclub at Zuczek's site. If you would like to be removed from this list, just say so.

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