A list of fansites, forums and Facebook pages dedicated to Claw. Sadly, I believe this list is now complete.

Major Claw Sites

The Claw Museum -- created by Grey Cat and dedicated to the Claw community, this is the place for you to post memories of the old days, as well as read others' stories. Highly recommended. Don't forget to leave a note!

As of 2017, the original site is down, making it impossible to add new comments. However, we have preserved its existing contents on our server for archival purposes.

Other Claw Sites

RedTail's Lair -- rather contentless, but seemingly eternal, this site has been around since the earliest days of Claw, and, through some twist of fate unbeknownst to us, has survived until today. Contains cheats, some links, and a poll.

Captain Claw -- a Czech fansite that was created in 2006 and hasn't been updated since.

Claw Forums

Claw Forum -- Polish, but contains an English section. Run by the people behind this site. Active since 2005, now contains over 70,000 posts.

The Captain Claw Forum -- the original administrator seems to be long gone, but there are still visitors who post from time to time. Now that Gunner's Claw Forum is no more, this is probably the only remaining English forum.

As of 2017, it appears completely deserted, with no new posts in the last two years.

Claw Forum Espanol -- complements the fairly popular Spanish version of this site, but only has a handful of posts (and a really nice Claw theme).

Claw Speedrun Leaderboard -- formed around the Claw subsection on Speedrun.com, this small community nonetheless managed to achieve quite incredible results and discover some glitches that were never known before in the process.

Claw on YouTube

LethalPwnager -- Zuczek's channel. As befits one belonging to this site's administrator, it was the first to feature complete videos of all Claw levels.

MawBTS -- Grey Cat's channel. Has playthroughs of several of his levels, and, more recently, a speed run attempt including audio commentary.

Proximity94 -- Proximity's channel, apart from his custom maps it has multiplayer guides for several levels of the base game.

General Red, Strategist -- has a full playthrough of Claw with live English commentary, and now continues on to custom levels.

Old Games Player -- Russian channel, run by Alexander Kondrashov. As far as I am aware, this is currently the only one on YouTube featuring a series that spans all user-made levels.

Azzar -- Azzar's channel, as of late 2017 it is nearing 40 videos for custom levels alone, plus, of course, a playthrough of the base game. Polish commentary.

Pappy QC -- Pappy has dedicated a lot of time to Claw speedruns and currently holds the world record for a full game run with an excellent time of 47:54. Further attempts can also be watched live on his Twitch channel.

Pejti LifeStyle -- in addition to a full playthrough of his 2018 level Nowy Dzien, the first to truly take advantage of new possibilities brough by the v1.4 update, Pejti's channel also has a series of incredible speedrun videos showcasing the newly discovered extended dynamite jump (EDJ) glitch.

Claw on Discord

TCR Discord -- the Discord server managed by the people behind the Claw Recluse and its forum. Has separate English, Polish and Russian chat rooms, and is generally quite active, for one dedicated to a 20-year-old game anyway.

Speedrun Discord -- set up by the speedrunning community, it's actually the older of the two Discord servers, but less active.

Claw on Facebook

Claw -- a Facebook fan page for Claw that is currently managed by this site's administrator.

Captain Claw -- another Claw fan page.

Here's a list of various past fansites for Claw. While these links are now defunct, you can attempt to view cached copies using the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine website.

Defunct Links

Captain Claw Homepage -- the game's official site. Hadn't been updated for ages, but it wasn't until 2011 that it was finally taken down by Monolith. Contained cheats, downloads, tips and tricks, and a forum that had died a terrible death.

Meezo's Claw Levels Page -- the earliest full-fledged Claw fansite, created by Meezo, who also happened to be the first person to design custom levels back in 1997.

Finn's Claw Website -- in its time, this was the best Claw website on the internet, period.

Freyahawk's Page For Captain Claw -- a site made by one of Claw's younger fans. For the record, Freyashawk's mother used to be an active member of the Claw community in years gone by. But be warned, staring at that toxic pink background colour for long enough can be hazardous for your health. :)

The Gunner's Forum -- between 2006 and 2008, this was the main meeting place for the Claw community, and a major improvement over the official, unmoderated forum which had been completely overrun by spammers.

Captain Claw's Lair -- DzjeeAr's site. Hosted a large number of custom levels, including a 100+ map pack. Later was made obsolete by our Custom Levels section.

Snow-jemima's Art -- brilliant Claw fan art by snow-jemima, which can now be accessed via DeviantArt links here in our Fan Haven section.

Snow-jemima's Sketchery -- actually a subpage of the above, contained quick drawings and sketches. Definitely worth a look.

Edd Brown's Captain Claw Site -- while the layout was all over the place, the site itself was pretty comprehensive, with custom levels, links, polls, etc. Edd Brown, who designed a whopping 48 maps himself, seems to have vanished off the radar now.

Claw Junior's Page -- the site seems to still be there, but a buggy piece of javascript causes the page to constantly refresh, making it impossible to view. :(

Captain Nathaniel Claw -- Gunner's site, contained help on bosses, links and screenshots.

Xero's Site -- site by Xero9009, mostly about his custom level.

Random Claw Junk -- site made by No, mostly about her custom level and a basic explanation of the game.

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