1. The multiplayer mode
  2. Setting up VPN
  3. Creating a game
  4. Joining a game
  5. In-game chat
  6. Troubleshooting: black screens

The multiplayer mode

Ever wondered how to get it to work? Well, you've just found an answer. Here's a short guide to the multiplayer mode in Claw. Before you start, make sure you have installed the v1.3 update, which enables TCP/IP support. An external VPN application, such as Hamachi, Tunngle, Wippien, Comodo Unite (and many others), is also required.

Setting up VPN

First of all, it is imperative that everyone agrees on using one and the same VPN program. While the installation process for each will differ slightly, the common steps include agreeing to install a driver for the virtual network card, setting up your account on first startup and then creating a network which will serve as a meeting room for you and your friends. Since there is usually a very low member limit, consider setting up a password as well, to prevent random people from taking up space. If you're looking for Claw fans, visit Claw Forum to find someone to play the game with, and share your network name and password so they can join. Typically, a VPN program supports text chat within a network, just like any instant messenger. At this point, you will need to choose one player who will host the game.

Creating a game

Launch Claw, choose Multiplayer and then Level Racing. Although there are three connection types available, you should always choose the TCP/IP option. In the next window click the upper button.

It's time to adjust some options. Choose a level you're going to compete on. You're not restricted to retail levels, custom ones are available as well. Then you've got to select a game mode. There are three options available:

Most Treasure - collect as much treasure as possible. Since the game ends as soon as one of the players reaches the end of the level, time is equally important. Besides, the fastest player usually has the most opportunities to collect curse powerups, and those can be the decisive factor of the game (especially the treasure curse).

Marathon - same competition as above, held on several levels in a row (retail levels only).

Fastest Time - the objective is to finish the level as fast as possible. Score means nothing. It's just like the Speed Runs contest, except that that there's live competition between the players.

There is also a 'Disable curse powerups' option at the bottom, but I strongly advice you to leave it unchecked. Curses bring a lot of excitement to the competition and make it much more enjoyable. Now that you've set all the options, you can click OK to enter the chat window. Wait for your friends to join the game, click Start to load the level and begin playing.

Joining a game

Acquire the host's IP address from your VPN program. Usually, there is an option to copy it to clipboard in the right-click context menu. Launch Claw, choose Multiplayer and then Level Racing. Although there are three connection types available, you should always choose the TCP/IP option. In the next window click the lower button.

Press Ctrl+V to paste host's address. The game will now search for available sessions, which may take some time. Sometimes it doesn't succeed in the first try; if it found nothing just try again. Once a session has been found, highlight its name and click the Join button. You'll now see the chat window and the list of players. The game will begin as soon as the host presses the Start button.

In-game chat

You can chat with other players during the game by pressing the Enter key and typing a message. I don't recommend this way though, as it takes takes too much precious time and you have to stand still while typing. It's much more convenient to use the 'Edit Macros' feature found in the Multiplayer menu. It allows you to assign frequently used comments to the F2-F8 function keys.

Troubleshooting: black screens

On many computers the Claw's multiplayer setup screens will be black and it will be impossible to read the text. For some people, changing their desktop theme so that text is white will allow them to read. Other then that, you can try to memorise the button placement using these images.




(This one is in Polish but you should be able to figure it out. Copy the host's IP address into the box and click OK.)


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