1. Error 0xc0000022 on startup
  2. Poor performance on modern PCs
  3. Unable to jump properly
  4. TriggerElevator slowdown
  5. Unable to launch the DVD version
  6. Loss of saved games
  7. Black multiplayer setup screens
  8. Black Load Custom Level screen
  9. Rip version time limit
  10. No in-game music
  11. Unable to take screenshots
  12. Playing without the CD/DVD
  13. Available patches and language versions

Error 0xc0000022 on startup

Problem: The game fails to launch, displaying error 0xc0000022.

Solution: DirectPlay is not installed by default on newer Windows versions. However, it can still be added manually. To do so, open Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Turn Windows features on or off. DirectPlay can be found under Legacy Components.

Poor performance on modern PCs

Problem: The game launches properly, but performance is extremely poor, with low frame rates making it virtually unplayable. This seems to be a fairly common issue on modern PCs running Windows 7 or newer.

Solution: The problem can be mitigated by running Claw in windowed mode. You can do so using DirectX Windower, which is bundled with the full 1.4.3 package. While some parts are not fully translated from Japanese, the set-up is rather straightforward: click the plus icon to locate the main executable (CLAW.EXE) and then double-click the new entry for Claw within the program's window.

If you prefer to play in full screen mode, it can be forced using this tool while still running Claw through the windower program and retaining its benefits.

Unable to jump properly

Problem: Claw jumps far too low, barely gets off the ground, and his movement is unnaturally fast.

Solution #1: Enable vertical synchronization (a.k.a. v-sync) in your video card's control panel. The number of frames per second will now be limited by your monitor's refresh rate, which should be 60 hertz in case of most LCD displays.

Also, open the Claw Advanced Options applet (located in the /MISC folder on the Claw CD/DVD) and make sure the 'Enable DirectDraw emulation' option is left unchecked.

Solution #2: Running Claw in windowed mode (see above) should also fix the problem.

TriggerElevator slowdown

Problem: Elevators using the TriggerElevator logic, such as the one just after the second save point in La Roca, move ridiculously slow.

Solution #1: Make sure vertical synchronization is turned on (see above). Then run the DirectX Diagnostics Tool (Start -> Run -> dxdiag), click the More Help tab and then the Override... button. Check the Override Value option and specify a value of 60 (for LCD displays) or 85 (for CRT displays).

Also, open the Claw Advanced Options applet (located in the /MISC folder on the Claw CD/DVD) and make sure the 'Enable DirectDraw emulation' option is left unchecked.

Solution #2: Running Claw in windowed mode (see above) should also fix the problem.

Unable to launch the DVD version

Problem: While launching the DVD version, the screen turns black. The intro movie can still be heard playing in the background, but then the game crashes.

Solution: Unfortunately, the high quality cutscenes from the DVD version cause the game to crash under newer Windows versions. To disable them, double-click the *.reg file found in the /EXTRAS/Windows XP Registry Fix directory on the disc. Note that they can still be played separately, i.e. using WinDVD or similar DVD playback software. As for in-game playback, the downsampled cutscenes from the CD version will be used instead.

Loss of saved games

Problem: After reaching a save point, the 'Your game has been saved' notification is displayed. Hovever, the next time Claw is launched, all the progress is lost.

Solution #1: Launch the game using an administrator account, so that it can access and modify the CLAW.USR file, where the saved games are stored. Note that under Windows Vista and later versions you still have to use the 'Run as administrator' command found in the right-click context menu, even if your account actually has administrative rights.

Solution #2: Install the game in a folder that is fully accessible from non-administrator accounts, such as 'My Documents'.

Solution #3: Provided that you are an advanced user, and are absolutly sure what you are doing, you can manually set access rights to the Claw installation directory, so that its contents can be changed without administrative rights.

Black multiplayer setup screens

Problem: All the multiplayer setup windows are black, with unreadable text. Nonetheless, the game still appears to be working properly.

Solution #1: Download the rip version, which appears to be unaffected by this problem, at least under Windows XP. Since it can be installed alongside the full CD/DVD version, you can use it solely for the purpose of playing online.

Solution #2: As a last resort, you can use our screenshot gallery to memorise the placement of settings and buttons.

Black Load Custom Level screen

Problem: Similarly to the multiplayer setup windows (see above), text in the Load Custom Level and Edit Players windows is unreadable.

Solution: Update Claw to version 1.3, choosing the patch appropriate for your version of the game.

Rip version time limit

Problem: The rip version is not fully functional, and instead appears to be a 60-minute time limited demo.

Solution: Unlock the full version using the following registration code that comes with the rip version: 839E794F-6A30-4056-92C0-42B5240C252B.

No in-game music

Problem: Despite all the audio settings being turned on, no in-game music can be heard. It appears that only Claw is affected by the problem.

Solution: MIDI playback might be muted. Choose Start -> Run -> sndvol32 and look for 'MIDI Synth', 'SW Synth' or a similar volume control. Make sure it is not muted and turn it up if necessary.

Unable to take screenshots

Problem: The PrintScreen key does not work as expected. Screenshots are almost entirely black, with a few brighter pixels scattered here and there.

Solution: To take a screenshot, press Ctrl+D while playing. A bitmap file will automatically be saved in your Claw installation directory.

Playing without the CD/DVD

Problem: I would like to be able to play the game without having to insert the Claw CD/DVD every time.

Solution #1: Download the rip version from our site.

Solution #2: Create or download a disc image file and mount it in a CD/DVD emulator, such as Daemon Tools.

Solution #3: Download a crack. Note that in order to retain access to in-game cutscenes, you have to copy the contents of the /MOVIES and /MUSIC folders from the disc to your Claw installation directory. It is important that you only copy the files inside rather than entire folders, otherwise it will probably not work.

Available patches and language versions

Problem: What are the differences between various versions of Claw and which of them require updates?

Solution: The 1.0 and 1.1 versions are exactly the same as far as the actual game is concerned. The latter however is a DVD version with additional, high-quality MPEG-2 movies. The 1.2 update fixed a few minor bugs, made boss fights noticeably easier and added a few cheat codes. The latest version is 1.3, which adds TCP/IP support and thus is required to play online. Technically, it is still in beta phase and will remain so as Monolith never officially released the update.

The following are pretty much all available versions of Claw. If you bought the special edition released a few years ago in Poland, or downloaded the rip version from our site, you can start playing right away.

Name Source Version Patch
Claw PC World Christmas '99 English, v1.2 v1.3 ENG
Claw CyberMycha 6/2003 English, v1.0 v1.3 ENG
Kapitan Pazur Retail Polish version Polish, v1.3 v1.3 PL
KP: Drapiezna Edycja Retail Polish special edition Polish, v1.3 NONE
Claw Downloaded DVD image English, v1.1 v1.3 ENG
Claw Downloaded CD rip English, v1.3 NONE

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